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The Best Way To Detox Heavy Metals From Your Body

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The Ultimate Zeolite Experience

The Ultimate Zeolite Experience is a revolutionary approach to safely and gently remove toxic metals from your body! This 5-month protocol includes 20 jars of ZeoCharge™ and has been proven to detox 15 heavy metals from the tissue level in your body!

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ZeoCharge™ in Action

I hadn't worked for two years from being ill and having no energy. There was a point where my legs hurt so bad that I couldn't get out of bed. My vitamins and minerals were super low and I was taking supplements that weren't absorbing. I also wasn't able to lose weight. After starting Zeocharge the weight started coming off- I lost 20 pounds in the last 6 months. I have more energy now and have been able to return to work for the first time in two years. I have been taking 2 tablespoons per day in the morning.


Reduce Tissue Levels of 15 Toxic Metals

Help Balance Essential Minerals

Increase Tissue Vitamin Saturation

Offer a Gentle Detox Experience

ZeoCharge™ Has Proven The Ability To

Zeolite the "Detox Magnet"

Zeolite the Detox Magnet
Zeolite acts as a strong “Detox magnet” in your body with the unique ability to selectively remove toxic elements while leaving essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients alone. Opposed to just grabbing everything it comes across, zeolite works by selectively binding toxic elements through a process we call “swap and drop.” Zeolite’s unique ability to selectively detox is what makes it a “smart binder” and such an incredible detox product.
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Practitioner Reviews

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