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Case Studies

See real world examples of what our products can do!

Intro to the

Learn about the test used to conduct the case studies

Understanding Test Markers

Understand vitamin, mineral and metal movement on the test

How Detox Actually Works

How detox really works in the body

30 Day Efficient Detox

ZeoCharge™ and Fulvic Charge™ for 30 days. Effective detox, vitamin and mineral status improved. 

27.5% Decrease in Mercury 

27.5% decrease in Mercury in three weeks!

Detox Pathways

Metals being released from "deep storage" after one month

on ZeoCharge™. 

Doubling the Dose of ZeoCharge™

See what happened when the dose of ZeoCharge™ was doubled from 2 tablespoons per day to 4 tablespoons. 

Aluminum down

Increased benefits seen after ZeoCharge™ was doubled from 2 tablespoons per day to 4 tablespoons. 

33% Reduction in PSA over 30 days

PSA levels decreased after one month on ZeoCharge™

Mercury Stuck Until Raising Dose

Mercury not being detoxed until doubling the dose of ZeoCharge™. 

4 Tablespoons of ZeoCharge™

4 Tablespoons of ZeoCharge™ plus Fulvic Charge™ for the win

Our Products vs other detox supps

ZeoCharge™ and Fulvic Charge™ vs other binders and detox supplements

ZeoCharge™ and OSR

ZeoCharge™ added to protocol including synthetic chelating agent

Amalgam Filling Detox

Mercury and silver both down over 20% in 5 weeks! 

Metals leaving 

Metals moving out!

ZeoCharge™ Improving Calcium

ZeoCharge™ more effective than ionic calcium supplement

ZeoCharge™ works Fast

See how quickly ZeoCharge™ starts removing metals and improving vitamin and mineral status 

Weight Loss: Down 10 pounds 

Weight loss of 10 pounds after 33 days on ZeoCharge™.

ZeoCharge™ vs Infrared Suana

ZeoCharge™ vs Infrared sauna, PEMF, and Ionic foot bath for detox

Body Letting go of Mercury

ZeoCharge™ and Fulvic Charge™ helping the body remove mercury. 

Deep Tissue Mercury Detox

Mercury from amalgam fillings being removed from deep storage for excretion 

Health Improvement 

ZeoCharge™ and Fulvic Charge for health improvement, but not at high enough dose for deep level detox

Maintenance Dose vs Detox Dose

It's all about the dose!

24% Decrease in Mercury

The party is over mercury, time to leave 

Higher Dose of ZeoCharge™

Successful Detox after raising the dose of ZeoCharge. 

Maintenance Dose but no Detox

Health improving, but next-level detox not occurring. 

Four Month Mercury Detox

Gentle and effective mercury detox

Previous Zeolite
Detox Failed

ZeoCharge™ working great, previous zeolite experience

was a disaster. 

Lead and Cadmium down 30%

Lead and Cadmium both down over 30% after one month on ZeoCharge™.

Aluminum and Mercury down 20%

Lead and Cadmium both down over 20% after three weeks on ZeoCharge™.

Aluminum Toxicity Trial

ZeoCharge™ does not cause aluminum toxicity 

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