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Thoughts on Zeolite

Zeolite is one of the most powerful yet misunderstood and misused supplements on the market. It has incredible detox and healing potential but it must be used properly, which it most often is not. It isn't a supplement to take randomly just to see what happens. It requires thoughtful action and the proper approach to yield positive results. When used correctly I have seen people get better results with zeolite than any other supplement or health technology I have come across. 

Jeff Hoyt

My Vision

I specialize in developing innovative wellness solutions to meet needs in the health and wellness industry. My goal is to help people live healthier and happier lives by making available effective and efficient solutions for health recovery and improvement. I believe in challenging the status quo and doing things differently, with the goal of getting results that have never been seen before. 

My goal in starting Zeolite Labs was to provide a quality zeolite product that goes beyond hype and to provide education on how to use zeolite effectively for detox and health improvement. 

It is my opinion that most zeolite products on the market are not able to provide an effective, full body detox. ZeoCharge™ is a next-generation zeolite supplement that combines the benefits of the best zeolite supplements on the market offering an advanced detox and health improvement solution. The three pillars that make ZeoCharge™ such an extraordinary product are its purity, particle size arrangement, and proof that it works. 

Purity:  We utilize zeolite from a pristine source and then take a number of steps to increase it's binding capacity. 


Particle Size Arranement: ZeoCharge™ contains a proprietary particle size arrangement that provides the most effective and broad-spectrum zeolite detox available. ZeoCharge™ combines the benefits of the best liquid and powdered zeolite supplements on the market. 


Proof: In addition to offering proof of purity through multiple third party testing documents, we have conducted case studies showing that ZeoCharge™ is able to effectively provide a full body detox while simultaneously improving vitamin and mineral status. 

I believe the two primary requirements to effectively use zeolite for detox and health improvement are finding a quality product and taking the proper dose. I developed the higher dose theory of zeolite which has been a game-changer in the industry. I have discovered that most zeolite supplements are not able to provide a sufficient dose to effectively detox deeply stored metals and toxins from the body. 

I believe that zeolite has incredibly healing potential, and at Zeoilte Labs we are helping people tap into that potential to take their detox game to a whole new level. 

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