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Fulvic Charge™ is a product to help with deficiencies common in the 21st century by optimizing the delivery, absorption and utilization of minerals and nutrients in your body. In addition this product has incredible detox potential, antioxidant capacity, and cell-nourishing abilities, and offers next-generation mitochondrial support.*

Fulvic Charge™ | Bioactive Fulvic Complex

  • Fulvic Charge™ features a bioactive fulvic complex comprised of two sources of fulvic acid from opposite sides of the world for greater mineral and nutrient diversity. Fulvic acid is a unique substance that helps carry nutrients to where they need to go in your body and helps carry toxic elements out of your body. 


    Fulvic Charge™ Contains:

    • 500mg fulvic acid per serving
    • Trace minerals
    • Electrolytes for hydration
    • Purified Shilajit
    • Bioactive Carbon
    • Humic acid, Urolithins, and other rare earth nutrients
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