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Our Story

You’re not going to stay healthy by accident living in the 21st
century. With the water, food, and air all being contaminated, detox
support is more important than ever. That’s why we developed
ZeoCharge™- an advanced detox solution for today. By taking an
ancient remedy and utilizing advanced technology to supercharge it, we have introduced a better way to detox.
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Learn About Zeolite


Zeolite Guide

Learn about zeolite and what it can do for you!



Get answers to frequently asked questions about ZeoCharge™


Higher Dose Theory

Discover why strategic dosing is so important.

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The Ultimate Zeolite Experience

The Ultimate Zeolite Experience is a 5-month protocol that includes 20 jars of ZeoCharge™. The protocol was developed off of the concepts presented in "The Higher Dose Theory of Zeolite" document.  The idea of the protocol is to start with a high dose of ZeoCharge™ and work your way down each month.

Our Clients Say

"I've been struggling with mold toxicity for years. I haven't found anything that has helped until ZeoCharge™." After the first dose I could feel that it was doing something. I've been on it every day for over three months now and I'm feeling better than I have in a long time."


21st Century Detox Solutions

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